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Pace – what does it mean?

Pace (english) means step / speed and is mainly used by runners as an indication for speed. Pace is given in miles or kilometres per minute.

How to calculate your pace?

You can calculate your pace by dividing time (in minutes) by distance (in kilometres or miles).

If you run 5 km in 30 minutes, the calculation is:

30 min / 5 km = 6 min / km

It’s a bit more complicated in case of decimals:

If you run 10 km in 48 minutes, the calculation is:

48 min / 10 km = 4,8 min / km

Now you need to convert 0,8 from minutes into seconds:

0,8 min * 60 = 48 seconds

The pace is 4:48 min / km. With our pace calculator you can save the time for calculations – just insert your distance and time and the calculator outputs your pace.

How to meassure pace while running?

You can meassure your pace with a GPS watch or an app like Runkeeper, Strava oder Runtastic. GPS watches / apps can calculate your current pace, your average pace and even let you know if your pace is too low or too high – this helps you achieving your goals in training and competition.